Let’s just get real for a minute; I’m all about fancy when it comes to textures and bold colors but I dream of clients who come in, kick back on my couch, and geek out over pretty paper with me. Getting to know my clients inspires authentic design, representing who they are.  When someone receives an invitation, business card, thank you note etc, from my client, I want the person on the other end to say “this is SO them!”.  So let's kick back, sip some coffee (or something stronger!) and have some fun creating beautiful things that tell your unique story.  I consider it an honor to be there to help bring that story to life! 

A personal design experience where passion meets paper


Letterpress is a lost art.  If you know what it is, it means details matter to you and we should definitely be friends. How many times have you clicked open that email invitation and sighed? It’s FUN to open a nice piece of mail…maybe because it doesn’t happen very often anymore. I want people to get excited over mail again- touch it, save it and never want to throw it away.


design process

Design process extremes – you know where I’m going here.  You walk into a high-end store where you’re greeted with a handshake and ushered to a table filled with giant books of papers, colors, and scripted designs.  Or you click a link off a Pinterest add inspiring you to “design your own card here” and 20 minutes later are pages deep in template hell. Abort mission immediately.  I’m all about making this process fun.  High-end luxury but with a taste of fun? Yes, please. Not to mention the front and center attention you’ll get with a personalized design that’s so authentically you. 

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